Thursday, October 29, 2009

Faster bittorrent download by bittyrant

I use p2p a lot,and the protocol most used by me is bittorrent. Its my favourite because of the wide availability of content,and the inherent spam protection it provides.i mean,in gnutella or edonkey,when i search for a particular file,there is lots of nonsense found. But torrent is free from that.

For improving torrent download speed,i follow this article at torrentfreak. Those tips are enough for torrent speed optimization/acceleration with a mainline client like utorrent or azureus etc.If a torrent has a fair number of seeders and few leechers,u'll enjoy faster download speed of these torrents. But sometimes there are only a few seeds and so many leechers,where it takes forever to download,even following those faster download tips.

BitTyrant comes to help at these times. Generally a torrent client has no way of knowing whether a peer is a seeder or leecher when it receives the peer list from the tracker,so its impossible to connect only to seeders.and the client has to upload to leechers.sometimes leechers also upload to ur client,but it cant connect to the leeching peer which upoloads more than which uploads less. What bittyrant does is that it uses the upload bandwidth to upload to the peers from which it can download faster. So a peer with 25kBps download speed will have more priority than a peer with 5kBps download speed. Note that bittyrant is not a leeching also uploads data,but preferably to the peers from which it can download most. Thus bittyrant gives u faster torrent download speed.

I've tested these tips and have found useful,but many people also claim that they haven't,so its upto u to decide whether these torrent acceleration techniques work or not.

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