Thursday, October 29, 2009

Anonymous web browsing

Sometimes we need to surf the web anonymously,the purpose varying greatly,from simple privacy concern to strong fear of government eavesdropping. The simplest way of anonymously browsing the web is the use of a public proxy requires nothing more than a web browser.u simply goto the public proxy,enter ur desired url,and go surfing. The downside is that most public proxies are extremely slow,and they go down now and then,besides,they are cluttered by advertisements .And though they hide ur ip address while browsing,they themselves know ur ip address.what if they aren't trustworthy?and if we talk about commercial anonymizer software suites,well,they require purchase,which can be used to track down u.i mean money transactions can identify u.and spending ur money is not a good idea where u can browse anonymously with a opensource anonymizer software suite. The core of this anonymous surfing suite is tor,an opensource tool from tornetwork. They now provide vidalia bundle,which is the collection of tor,privoxy(an opensource personal proxy),and torbutton extension for firefox. U just download and install it,and u are ready to go.if u don't have firefox,get it from here.

How tor works? It consists of several network nodes called tor nodes.when a tor user starts up tor,he is connected to this nodes.when he makes a request for a webpage,the request is relayed to nearest tor network,and after that randomly through other nodes finally reaching destination server. Thus the ip address from which the request originated cannot be determined,and ur anonymity is ensured.

Please note that tor doesn't encrypt ur data,only hides ur ip address.

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