Thursday, October 29, 2009

How to remove the virus vbb.exe created by

Recently there has been a rising tendency in bangladeshi students in writing stupid viruses,almost everyone spreading via pendrives etc. These viruses are unknown to most antivirus companies,so almost no antivirus can detect them. Another virus from these families is vbb.exe which is created by person/group reachable via

Removal of the virus is fairly easy. First get a file manager which has a search function that doesnt depend upon windows built-in search function.i used powerdeskpro6 trial from avanquest,which is free to download. Then search for the file vbb.exe in all ur drives and delete them(dont send to recycle bin!). After that,search for a file named mediaplayer.exe in system32 folder of ur windows folder. Typically this path is C:\WINDOWS\system32
delete that mediaplayer.exe file. Now ur system should be free of that annoying vbb.exe virus. Remember not to use windows explorer or access any drives of ur system with windows explorer.

If you want to stay protected well,try using these free antivirus tools

Note : these technique can also be used to remove another bangladeshi virus named xcopy.exe. Just search for xcopy.exe in filemanager and destroy it

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