Thursday, October 29, 2009

Free wap hosting plus subdomain

If you have ever developed a wapsite in php/mysql and went searching internet for free hosting, you definitely have found that the majority of free wap hosting providers, if not all,only supports building wapsite through their free sitebuilders which are not suitable for a professional wap developer. While many free webhosters are available for conventional websites, the scarcity of free webspace for waphosting is frustrating. Waphosting needs no special webserver/scripting language,apache+php can do the job very well. The problem is that the webserver needs a file named ".htaccess" to know what type of contents to serve to a client while a wap request is made. As most free webhosters dont give you access to .htaccess file to a free user, you cannot instruct the webserver to serve wap content. Hopefully a webhost remains which offers free .htaccess to free users. That host is As this host offers you .htaccess as a free user, you can tell the webserver how to serve your wap content and thus go on with your wapsite. also provides you with your own domain called and you can use subdomains of your choice on that domain. hosting your wapsite for free has never been this easy!

If you have found this info useful, would you like to drop a line giving the link to your wapsite? thanks in advance

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