Thursday, October 29, 2009

Free wap emulator for xhtml mobile profile

HTML has been the standard of web page design for years,and wml for mobile web pages. The two varies widely, so a mobile wap version of a website took much work on the developer's part. But the introduction of xhtml for mobile sites has made it much unified. XHTML websites can be viewed on many modern desktop browsers like firefox2 and later versions,and opera. But some xhtml/wap sites are not displayed properly,and wap1.2.1 is not supported in these browsers.again,for the majority of phones sold two or three years back,there was no xhtml support then,so there are still need for old style wapsite development. During its development, wap emulator is required. Wap emulators are sold on internet,but with a firefox addon,u can get one for yourself,for free. Get the xhtml/wml addon for firefox from

the wml/xhtml wap addon will create a free wap emulator for you. U can view wap1.2.1 or wap2.0 sites with firefox.

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