Thursday, October 29, 2009

Even faster bittorent,with no traffic shaping/throttling

Well,a few tips and bittyrant does a good job for speedy torrent download,but they cant do anything if ur isp throttles bittorrent traffic,or worse,bans torrent traffic completely. Torrent is also blocked in some networks like school network,or office network,where clever firewalls block even downloading the .torrent file. What to do then?keep reading..

One of the most popular image sharing services on internet is imageshack. Recently they have launched a beta service,where u can download torrents. They lend u a 5GB space and 10GB/month bandwidh for free,and more if u r ready to pay.using the service is very easy,u upload the desired torrent file to ur space,or paste the torrent url from a torrent search engine.if the torrent is ok,and have enough seeders,u can press the start button and the download will begin.after it finishes downloading the torrent on imageshack server,u can download the files via http,for convenience,u can download all the files in a zip file to.

This method is much faster then tunneling the torrent traffic via ssh on a remote server of a free shell provider.

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