Thursday, October 29, 2009

Malware protection for free, remove rootkit,virus and spyware,no crack needed.

Antivirus and antispyware protection is a must,but costly. Yet they dont guarantee complete protection! What to do,use multiple antivirus software and spend a few hundred bucks?or use cracked software and risk going to jail? None of it. Use multiple antivirus,legally at no cost!

First,u need an on demand virus scanner.currently three antivirus company offers free ondemand scanner, avira,bitdefender,and norton(with google pack).u can use them simultaneously,multiple ondemand scanners rarely conflict. But to protect in realtime, u need a realtime scanner. The best free one is from spyware doctor. It protects against viruses,spywares,and online phishing.The runnerup realtime shield is from avira,its heuristic analysis does fine,though its false positive rate is a bit higher.
This technique will provide free malware protection for your pc,legally,as no cracking method is involved.

Want to stay protected?really? Get ubuntu will regret why you didn't switch before!!

update: threatfire from pctools is really good at protecting against zeroday malware attacks i.e. unknown/latest malwares

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