Saturday, October 3, 2009

Norton Partition magic killer,PARTED live linux

I've been a fond of partitionmagic since i bought my first computer,back in 2004. It comes with lots of nice features,pretty much everything i wanted to do with my disks,but partitionmagic is a propietary software,and u all know,im a diehard fan of opensource softwares. I just bought another disk,and i had to create ext3 partitions on it. Unfortunately,there is no version of partitionmagic that can handle ext3 filesystem,and i had no linux live distro at hand,only debian etch dvd. I know,i could use debian parted utility,but i wanted a gui. I went on googling,and there i found partedmagic. Its a distro just under 50MB, and its main purpose is disk partitioning and various disk manipulating tasks like partition table state save&restore,but it has some other tools like text editor,iso image manipulator,firefox web brower and file browser with full ntfs support. I liked it. It can be installed on a tiny old pendrive of 128MB that i barely use now,and rolled on. There has been another few distros like this that are diagonostic and repair tools as well,but of them,parted magic has the prettiest user interface. I would even recommend it for a windows user with no prior knowledge of gnu/linux. Its a point and click partitioning tool,really!

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