Saturday, October 3, 2009

Microsoft Windows Shortcut Keys

Use this trick at your own risk.
This is a listing of some common shortcut keys in different versions Microsoft Windows.

Shortcut Keys 3.x 95 98 ME NT 2000 XP Vista Description
Alt + Tab = Switch between open applications.
Alt + Shift + Tab = Switch backwards between open applications.
Alt + double-click = Display the properties of the object you double-click on.
Ctrl + Tab=With an application that has multiple sub tabs/document windows, this switch between tabs
Ctrl + Shift + Tab = Same as above but backwards.
Alt + Print Screen = Create a screen shot (image in clipboard) only for the active screen/program.
Print Screen=Create a screen shot (image in clipboard) for your entire desktop.
Ctrl + Alt + Del =Reboot the computer and/or bring up the Window task manager.
Ctrl + Esc =Bring up the Windows Start menu. In Windows 3.x this brings up the Task Manager.
Alt + Esc = Switch Between open applications on taskbar.
F1 = Activates help for current open application.
F2 = Renames selected Icon.
F3 = Starts find from desktop.
F4 = Opens the drive selection when browsing or pull the list of drive selections
F5 =Refresh.
F10=Activates menu bar.
Shift + F10 = Simulates right-click on selected item.
Alt + F4= Closes Current open program.
Ctrl + F4 =Closes Window in Program.
F6 =Move cursor to different Windows Explorer panel.
Ctrl + Space bar = Drops down the window control menu.
Ctrl + (the '+' key on the keypad) = Automatically adjust the widths of all the columns in Windows explorer
Alt + Enter = Opens properties window of selected icon or program.
Shift + Del = Permanent Delete - Delete programs/files without throwing them into the recycle bin.
Holding Shift at Startup =Boot safe mode or by pass system files as the computer is booting.
Holding Shift = When putting in an audio CD, will prevent CD Player from playing.
Enter =Activates the highlighted program.
Alt + Down arrow =Display all available options on drop down menu.
* (on the keypad) =Expands all folders on the currently selected folder or drive in Windows Explorer.
+ (on the keypad) = Expands only the currently selected folder in Windows Explorer.
- (on the keypad) =
Collapses the currently selected folder in Windows Explorer.

Most of keyboards now have a Windows Key (key with a Windows icon). This key provides additional shortcuts on Mcft Windows. Below is a listing of the shortcut keys by combining the Windows key and another key.

================================================== ==============================
Shortcut Description

WINKEY Pressing the Windows key alone will open Start.
WINKEY + F1 Opens the Mcft Windows help and support center.
WINKEY + F3 Opens the Advanced find window in Mcft Outlook.
WINKEY + D Brings the desktop to the top of all other windows.
WINKEY + M Minimizes all windows.
WINKEY + SHIFT + M Undo the minimize done by WINKEY + M and WINKEY + D.
WINKEY + E Open Mcft Explorer.
WINKEY + Tab Cycle through open programs through the taskbar.
WINKEY + F Display the Windows Search / Find feature.
WINKEY + CTRL + F Display the search for computers window.
WINKEY + F1 Display the Mcft Windows help.
WINKEY + R Open the run window.
WINKEY + Pause / Break key Open the system properties window.
WINKEY + U Open Utility Manager.
WINKEY + L Lock the computer (Windows XP and above only).

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