Thursday, October 29, 2009

How to run vista/directx10 games in xp

Windows XP is a great gaming platform, and it has won many gamers heart. But the new os from microsoft, vista, still has many glitches. And that's why many users prefer not to upgrade their xp machine to vista, and the fact that xp is a tad faster than vista also makes the upgrade less-attractive.

But what about all the fancy games those are released for vista,and dont run on xp? That's because vista brings a brings a brand new directx,directx10. DirectX 10 is the the next generation api from windows,and it has no plan to release it for windows xp. Henceforth, all directx10 games won't be playable on xp. To workaround this, an opensource project is handy. Its called wine (wine is not an emulator). Wine provides all the necessary windows apis including directx apis,and latest wine includes vista/directx10 apis too. Now,to run directX10 games,u need to provide vista/directx10 api to these games. If u install wine on windows xp, it will have vista apis,which can be used by vista games. Thus,u can run vista games under windows XP.

You can get wine from

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