Thursday, October 29, 2009

iTunes crack,bypass iTunes DRM protection

I,as many other people,don't believe in DRM technology backgrounds. These craps shouldn't be around us.yet,we have to buy drm encrypted tracks from itunes now and then,as our favourite artists want us to do so(sigh!) anyway,i buy a song with a buck,and i get to keep only three copies of it!why??why i shouldn't be able to listen in my laptop,desktop,portable player and media centre pc,and forget to say a buddy"hey,this song's cool!check it out" !!

I've got a solution to make unlimited copies of iTunes songs,and as it doesn't involve cracking the drm scheme,its perfectly legal,even in the US. I found the trick in a pcworld's how-

first,choose the tracks u want to make copies of in iTunes desktop player.

Then,burn the tracks in a a standard audio disk with iTunes disk creator.

Next,rip the tracks with a cd-ripper software,like exact-audio-copy,or audiograbber,and import them into your iTunes library.The tracks are now DRM-free:)

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