Thursday, October 29, 2009

How to Remove safemass.exe virus from Sumon Bross

recently a virus has begun spreading mainly through pendrives/removable drives, which is named safemass.exe. this virus is supposedly written by a virus writer named sumon bross. the virus is quite annoying, and it cant be removed by conventional antiviruses. Fortunately, safemass.exe virus code is not written very well a ssumon bross is not a very bright coder. the immunity from antiviruses comes from its existence in limited subcontinental areas, pimarily bangladesh. Safemass.exe can be easily removed from your system. for that you only need patience

At first, restart your computer and press F8 key.

Windows will prompt you with various boot options. choose the 'Safe Mode'

Now click Start button and click again on 'Search' button

type in "safemass.exe" in the search box and start search. you will find the file in all of your drives. delete all of them. it will also be found in C:\WINDOWS\safemass.exe and C:\WINDOWS\system32\safemass.exe and may be in other locations too, delete all of them.

Restart your PC. It now should be clean of safemass.exe virus

if safemass.exe is not cleaned by the above procedure then you will need more powerful tools, dont worry, the cleanup tool is absolutely free. you will use a live linux operating system. i recomment using a tiny linux named damn small linux. it comes in cd and usb disk versions. if you have a cd writer then burn the iso image from dsl(damn small linux) website and burn it to a cd. then boot your PC with the dsl cd and search your harddrive for safemass.exe. when you something like safemass.exe, just delete it. sumon bross and his crappy virus will be removed. if you dont have a cd writer, or you prefer a usb installation of dsl, then download usb version of dsl and extract it to your usb thumb drive. double click on the install.bat file and you will have a bootable usb drive. use it to boot your PC and remove safemass.exe virus

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