Saturday, October 3, 2009

Free Unicode Bangla Dictionary/Thesaurus for offline use

Free bangla dictionary/thesaurus is hard to find, most are propietary commercial softwares, and ugly interfaces. the trend is going to change. an excellent unicode supported open source dictionary software named stardict has been available for the last few years, it can use different dictionaries at the same time,and new dictionaries can be easily created using its freely available tools. however, there is a project at wikitionary named banglawikitionary which is creating a freely available bangla dictionar/Thesaurus for the community. Contents of the bangla wikitionary can be downloaded and converted for use by stardict, which provides us with a free and open-source bangla dictionary. The bangla dictionar project is growing day by day with the help of the bangla speaking people community, so contribute you too,if you can.

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