Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Firefox speed tweak/tuneup

Firefox is my favourite browser,and making the most out of it is much appealing to me. I use a dialup connection,so a faster firefox is always welcome. Firefox can be tweaked very thoroughly by typing about:config in address bar,but its pretty much scary to most people to tune-up this way.fortunately there are some utilities to tuneup firefox.one is from the makers of tweaking soft tweakXP and tweakVI,named firetune. Its extremely easy to use,and its extremely easy to tuneup firefox with it.and unlike tweakXP,which is a shareware,firetune is a freeware. Its available from http://www.firetune.com

another firefox tweak utility is a firefox add-on,named fasterfox.its available from http://addon.mozilla.com
fasterfox has also an easy to use tweak interface.just install it and it'll set firefox in turbocharged mode.if u want more tuneup control,go to its settings and change it to ur desired mode.
If u know of any other firefox tuneup utility,please leave a comment.

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