Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bittorrent download optimize plugin/ebook scam

We all know we want to speedup our bittorrent clients, we want to download faster and some of us are desperately trying to find a solution to do this. A lot of tools are found on the internet to boost torrent download speed,most are advertised as plugins/optimizer as general popular clients. Believe me, 90percent of these plugins are just adware/spyware. And they do nothing to speedup torrent download process. Its rather better to follow the documentation guide for the clients or use the autoconfiguration options provided with the clients. They do excellent jobs. You don't need any boosting/optimizing plugin for your torrent client.

There are some scam ebooks also which claims to speedup torrent download upto 500percent faster. While these provide useful information,they are nothing more than a collection information freely available on the internet,the greatest source being So why buy those scam ebooks?to prove yourself lazy who cannot google around a bit?!!

Btw,i have posted previously about a university project to speedup swarm and torrent performance,you can try it out. Its called bittyrant,and i assure you,its hundred percent clean,though whether it works or not is yours to decide(worked in my case)

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